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About us

Document Automation Software (DAS) is a genius concept designed and developed by Mr. Vutukuri Ramakrishna Goud, Proprietor of SAI NATH DOCUMENT AUTOMATION SOFTWARE who by himself is a document writer. This is unique software developed for the first time in India. The main usage of this software is of immense help to the document writers as it addresses the challenges faced by them in their day to day routine work.

SAI NATH DOCUMENT AUTOMATION SOFTWARE was pioneered in the year (2011). The basic functions are to replace the cumbersome manual filling-in of (REPETITIVE) documents with template-based systems where the user answers software-driven interview questions or data entry screen. The information collected then populates the document to form a good first draft'.

SAI NATH DOCUMENT AUTOMATION SOFTWARE systems allow users to create their own data and rules (logic) without the need for programming. DAS is providing rich user experience with a dramatic change in the time spent on documentation.

About us

In the traditional documentation process generation of all kinds of registration documents for a Plot, Flat, Home, Venture regarding sale or purchase is time taking process. Basic/Initial draft of document itself takes more than a couple of hours. Integrating the document with associated documents like Plan Copy, Photographs, Thumb impressions etc; is a hectic work which will approximately takes more time than compared to DAS (Document Automation Software) to shape it out in a required format.

DAS (Document Automation Software) shrinks this load/burden with their automation software. DAS facilitates user/client/customer to fill in all the data that is required for a traditional documentation and using their pioneering service the output (printed word document) will be handover/ renounced within an hour.

System Requirements

Windows all post 98 second editions.

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