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Features & Benifits


    • Provides legal documents swiftly and efficiently/competently

    • Simplified management: Reduces management burden with the usage of existing templates provided by SDAS to create documents easily

    • Auto Conversion: Supports in converting the parameters like Sq.Yds to Sq.Mtrs, Acers to Hectares and also Numeric values to Text

    • Auto Generation : Automatically generates Annexure 1A & 1B, Vendor and Vendee complete address in Plan, Photo Paper

    • Parallel Creation: Creates both the template in the Database and also the Word format for Output at a time

    • Single step creation: Filling the information in the template provided is enough to receive the document

    • Editable output format: As the output format supported in is “Word” user can enjoy the privilege of editing it at any time

    • Template menus based on the type of registration: Based on the selected  type of document relevant fields and menus will appear to help the end user to complete the document generation fastly and easily

    • Language Compatibility: Upto 15 languages are integrated in the Service so that end user has every right to choose the language of his own among the list and can enter the information into the template with the chosen language
    Benefits in “DAS”
    • Rich user experience: User can easily enter the information without any prior training very easily

    • TCO(Total Cost of Owner ship) savings: Template created once can be reused ‘n’ number of times that can reduce the management costs

    • Significantly improves business continuity: Complete document can be generated within an hour improvises the business continuity and the service is compatible with Windows environment there is no need to change the end users existing environment.

    • Search/Browse options: To Search for any document a unique feature “Search and Browse are incorporated using that user can easily locate the concern document without any delay

    • Edit/Modifying existing data: Using “Edit” option in the UI user can edit the existing document information

    • Predefined data fields: All the fields are predefined where in user need to fill the required details only

    • Reusability: A template created for one kind of document can be reused ‘n’ number of times for the same kind of document creation

    • Flexibility: User can create any kind of document with in very less time and can save it in any drive of users convenience.
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