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Why Use Only DAS

DAS is the one and only innovative service that provide a template to the user for the complete registration process where in user has a privilege to fill in all the relevant data and integration of the associated documents is effortless. Basic input is the only thing for the document generation, there is no room for manual errors. DAS (Document Automation Software) supports creation of number of documents at a time. Document automation software has the ability to automatically fill in the correct document variables based on the transaction data.

DAS Uniqueness

DAS (Document Automation Software) has its own significance in managing and generating of all types of registration documents.


DAS (Document Automation Software) Method

Manual generation of all kinds of registration documents

Automatic generation of all kinds of registration documents using Document Automation Software

Need to write all the salutations manually like Mr, Mrs, Sri, Smt.,Kum

Automatic Salutation selection from the list

Entering all the details about the Vendor/Vendee name and full address is mandatory for each and every time

If the Vendor/Vendee is the existing one, whenever user enters first name only then all the relevant Vendor/Vendee information will be displayed as a list from that user  can easily selects or even can easily enters the new Vendor/Vendee information with the help of fields provided

Conversions like  Sq.Yds., to Sq.Mtrs., has to be done manually

Auto Conversion helps in converting the values

Selection of the all link documents like Registration document, Ancestral, Pattadar etc., has to done manually

Automatic  selection of link documents is provided

All the details regarding the property placement like Village, Mandal, Municipality, District., has to be entered manually for each and every document

Repeated Property details will be displayed automatically

Numeric to Text conversions has to be performed manually

DAS Provides Numeric to Text values conversions  by it’s automatic conversion feature

Manually need to enter the mode of payment and payment details

Mode of payment and payment details can be selected automatically from the modes and payment details options provided by DAS

Boundaries selection should be done physically

Boundaries selection can be done automatically

Annexure -1A details has to be entered manually

Annexure – 1A details can be selected using RCC/ACC options thereby providing complete details automatically

Annexure – 1B information and calculations need to be done manually

Annexure- 1B generation and calculations are managed automatically with the help of DAS

In Plan form complete details of property has to be entered manually

All the details can be generated automatically

Drawing of the plan is mandatory

Instead of drawing the plan scanned image of the plan can be integrated  easily using DAS

In Photo Form full address of the Vendor/Vendee has to entered manually each and every time

No need to enter all the data, it will be generated automatically

After  generating the complete documentation manual reverification is required to confirm the document, and is there any changes made user has to redo the changes manually where ever is applicable which is a hectic process

As the complete process is automatic no need to spend more time for the reverification and in case of any modifications requires changes made at once reflects in the entire document wherever is applicable there by reducing the complexity and saves users precious time

Searching for a particular document is a very complex process

Searching for a particular document is very easy using “Search and Browse” options

Files can be saved in word format only

Files can be saved in word format and also a Software copy is maintained

Supported language is English only

Supported language is English but totally Ten more language are available for the users to enter numeric data in their required language

Typographical and manual errors may occur

DAS provides error free registration documents

Complete documentation along with associated documents will take 30 to 40 mins

Complete documentation along with associated documents will take 5 to 7 minutes

Example: Document creation for venture

Document creation for Venture

In case of venture capitalists creation of documentation for each and every customer is an iterative process. Although there is generic information that can be reused for each customer but in traditional/conventional documentation instead of reusing, recreates complete data for each and every customer/client/user which is time lagging and overwhelming process.
In venture registration only few details like ‘Vendee’ details, boundaries varies and remaining all the data will be constant. In this scenario user can create a template with all the data and can reuse it by editing the existing ‘Vendee’ information by replacing it with new ‘Vendee’ details instead of generating complete documentation repetitively.


To surmount this issues in “Traditional Documentation Process” DAS provides their automation software where in user can save the generic information once and can reuse it ‘n’ number of times rather than recreating it again. All the time repetitive/recurring data remains stable. User can enter the modified data only and can generate a document (print copy) with in fraction of minutes.

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